Happy Hive Inspections!

Everything you need to know to inspect your bees safely, calmly, and joyfully!


Bees respond to our energy and the ways we treat them. This course demonstrates gentle, respectful bee-handling techniques so you can enjoy working your bees!

Includes colourful downloads with extra know-how: when, and how often to inspect, the difference between hive inspections and colony assessments, and extra tips to make it all easier.


Things you should have on hand, best tools, and uncommon items!


How to tune into your colony before you open the hive.

Enter the hive

Keep the bees calm, stay organized, minimize your disturbance!


Videos walk you through the rationale and things you'll observe.

You and your bees deserve to be happy

Stop squishing bees, minimize stings, and inspect your colonies with ease.
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Happy Hive Inspections is included with Natural Beekeeping 101 - want the whole course?