Natural Beekeeping 101

Spring & Summer online!

Want beautiful, happy bees in 2023?

Natural Beekeeping 101 is for small-scale or hobby beekeepers who want thriving colonies, and a genuine connection with their bees.  Beyond the technical aspects of beekeeping, it's a model for working with your bees in a more gentle and bee-centred way. 

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You'll learn to understand bees and their seasonal cycles, and how to give bees what they need, when they need it.

In beekeeping there's a lot to learn and put together, and many small-scale beekeepers struggle for years.

Natural Beekeeping 101 makes it all clear without cutting corners. 

You'll get a comprehensive foundation with the overview and details you need.  This course can help you succeed even with your very first colony.

I want healthy bees!
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Expert instruction

Learn about the fascinating lives of bees from a Biologist & Master Beekeeper candidate

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Natural beekeeping

A holistic, attentive beekeeping style that respects the colony's natural processes

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Bee care for all seasons

Extensive instruction on how to care for your bees through four seasons

Natural Beekeeping 101 starts with honey bee fundamentals,

  • Bee conservation and what the bees really need
  • Introduction to the natural beekeeping style
  • The fascinating life history and development of honey bees - appreciate the intelligence of these beautiful insects!

helps you choose the right beekeeping equipment for you,

  • Equipment to buy - and not to buy - and where to save money!
  • Choosing hive equipment that won't strain your back
  • Where to buy - and not to buy - robust honey bee stock

be smart about establishing your apiary,

  • Best hive orientation and set-up
  • Hiving your bees and raising a solid first year colony that survives the winter in beautiful shape!
  • How to keep you and your family safe

keep your bees healthy through prevention, treatment, and seasonal care,

  • Accessible review about hive pests, parasites, pathogens: how to prevent and deal with them 
  • Thorough overview and details of best care for your colonies throughout the seasons 

and harvest products of the hive.

  • Instructions for comb honey, extracted honey, propolis, and more!

IT ALSO INCLUDES: the Happy Hive Inspections mini-course!

  • Learn the gentle bee handling and hive inspection skills you need, in a video course that demonstrates safe and respectful techniques.
I want to succeed!

You CAN succeed at beekeeping!

"I learned so much that I really feel better prepared to attempt this hobby with confidence."
"We just wanted to say how fabulous the session was. Great narration, really clear explanations, and beautiful photographs. All delivered by someone who clearly loves bees."
"Excellent value!  Very happy!" (past students)

You'll receive support and motivation along the way.

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Michelle McPherson

Welcome to the course!  I'm a Biologist and Master Beekeeper Candidate, and I'm passionate about connecting people with bees and nature. One reason I love teaching is because my students inspire me. I look forward to hearing from you in our group Q&A calls!

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Valerie W.

"When I was a brand new beekeeper, Michelle’s instruction and guidance saved me time, money, and frustration. She taught me how to make meaningful observations, and helped me build the knowledge and skills to take measured action at just the right time."

Get the entire course experience for one household (watch it with your partner and children):

  • 6 well-paced video classes, colourful photos, pdf guides with ready-made lists and best resources.
  • Ask your questions in 1 live call.
  • BONUS Happy Hive Inspections mini-course. 

For $297 $247 (happy spring)!

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Your bees deserve the very best care.

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