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delivers outstanding training to help you keep healthy honey bees, or create habitat for wild bees and other pollinators in your own backyard.

Hi, I'm Michelle. 

I own a small, thriving apiary in Atlantic Canada.  At Fiadh-ròs Natural Apiary, I emphasize bee health and sustainability with a natural beekeeping style that is gentle, and preventative.  Every year, my goal is for every colony to come through winter in beautiful shape.  Ten years in, my colonies thrive year after year.  I also sell high quality raw honey, comb honey, beeswax, and nucleus colonies.

I am passionate about helping people connect with bees and nature!  I love teaching courses and workshops about honey bees, wild bees, and bee conservation.  I'm inspired by how much work is happening in North America to restore pollinator habitat, though we still need all hands on deck for the next 10 years.

As an ecologist (Master of Science in Biology), I'm a big-picture thinker.  I travel to international bee conferences because I want to understand what's happening for honey bees and wild bees in different corners of the world.  Their stories are complex and fascinating.  I'm committed to life-long learning in the field of apiculture, and will receive a Master Beekeeper Certification from Cornell University in spring 2023.  

I'm also an environmental consultant/ contractor.  I have more than twenty years experience in ecology research and writing: conservation planning for protected areas, Species at Risk, creating biodiversity standards and best management practices, environmental assessment, planning and delivering workshops.  I currently work with the Canadian Wildlife Federation on Monarch butterfly and pollinator habitat restoration in southern Ontario.

Questions about courses or consulting?  Happy to hear from you! [email protected]





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